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Are you looking to develop your mission in this world?

Do you feel motivated to make a change in your life?

Do you want to share the gift that God has given to mankind? Then continue reading…

REIKI TRANSMUTING CONSCIOUSLY (RTC) is a wonderful and very ancient Japanese technique of channeling Universal energy to be used as a means of healing through the hands, for all those who want to heal. It is also an excellent basis for any form of self-help or holistic career.

We live in times of far-reaching changes to which we want to adapt. From there comes our concern and we create Reiki Transmuting Consciously (RTC) where we apply all the knowledge of the traditional Reiki Usui with the most recent holistic healing techniques such as metaphysics, biodecoding, intergenerational analysis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and others.

Healers who receive training in Luz Reiki Wellness Center are trained to lead others to a more rapid and effective healing, both understanding, consciousness and change towards a life of health, wealth, peace and happiness.

We are excited to announce the following Course that will be taking place on Sunday July 17th, 2016. From 9:00AM to 6:00PM

What is REIKI?

The word Reiki consists of two Japanese words.

REI is the wisdom of God, or the high power, or God-Consciousness

Ki Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is a Japanese Technique that helps the body to release stress and tension by creating state of profound relaxation which promotes healing and health, and state of wholeness and balance.

Reiki is an intelligent force that can do no wrong.  Once you start on your Reiki path your concept of life as it is, will be changed forever.

Reiki is a special form of healing for anyone who wishes to heal themselves, or to be a channel of healing for others.

Reiki treatments are hands on, and non-intrusive. Usually the Reiki treatment is given with the client laying down on a treatment table, but it is equally effective with client sitting in a chair.

What will you gain from this workshop?

  • Alignment and opening of chakras
  • Tap into your inner spiritual world
  • Learn to transmit healing energy to yourself and to others
  • Learn to utilize Reiki energy on fruits, animals and plants
  • It is an open gateway to changes in your life
  • Learn the 7 metaphysical laws
  • Learn to feel and see auras
  • Learn to cleanse stagnant energy in the body
  • And more!

Cost: $150.00 which includes certificate of completion, materials, and lunch.

This phenomenal course which will be taught by Luz Mariella Alvarez – Luz Mariella Alvarez founded Luz Reiki Wellness Center and is the creator of the method Reiki Transmuting Consciously (RTC) and teacher of a Course in Miracles. Luz Mariella is a Reiki Master and a member of the International Reiki Association. Spiritual/Angelic Guide and ranked Minister of the “Universal Life Church.” She specializes in RTC therapies, which are applied with a high percentage of effectiveness, the Biodecoding, EFT (emotional freedom), Hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and the Silva method of mind Control, as well as intergenerational analysis, quantum healing, and the metaphysics of a course in miracles, among others. She is thrilled and excited to teach this Reiki TC Level 1 Course!

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