Angel Guidance

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What is an angel reading?


An angel reading is a way to connect with the angels to receive loving guidance and support.  During an angel reading, you may seek guidance in the areas of relationships, health, career or any other area.

The angels are happy to provide direction and guide you to your path of healing, love and joy. Although angel advisors are blessed with intuitive gifts, a session with an angel advisor is a different experience than other readings you may have experienced before.  An example of the difference is that with a psychic reading, you want to know if you will get married next year. In an angel reading, the angels want to discuss what you are creating in your life, the reasons you created it, and give you guidance on a particular situation without interfering with your free will.

An angel reader is receiving the love and wisdom from angels and high level guides and masters, Universal Laws are in play as well. Angels will never tell you what to do. They can suggest a course of action that can bring about the highest good, but will never tell you, step by step, what to do. They usually give the client several different ways they can approach a situation. The Human Free Will can decide to switch things around very quickly. Therefore, there are many possibilities floating out there waiting to manifest and many roads the person can take.

What is the difference between a Psychic Readings and Angel Readings?

Psychic readings are usually based on facts, events, time lines, predictions, etc. Angel readings are spiritual messages from the angels, ascended masters, and guides that help people receive divine guidance on how to live more according to their higher purpose, to be true to themselves.

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