Ask the Angels



Are we able to communicate with angels? The answer is YES! The angels are always waiting for you to ask them for help. Angels are messengers of light and are at your service to help and protect you when in need. The philosopher Maimonides in his book describes angels as totally devoid of body emanating from God. Angels are intermediaries between God and the planet. When you are experiencing challenges, or something is bothering you, talk to your angels. Watch for the sign’s they are sending you. You can even be specific as to how you would like to receive the sign. For example, state the following: “As of today, reveal to me the message I need through this book (by opening any random page) or through the next song I hear, advice of a friend, or angelic reading … etc.

The angels will respond to your requests, but ultimately it’s up to you to follow their guidance. If you trust and believe they are with you, you will never feel alone. Their presence is always with you. Personally, I feel they are divine rays from God, always willing to listen and comfort my soul.

From my heart to yours, I’m sending you a hug full of love, light and angel blessings!

Luz Mariella Alvarez