Aura Cleanning

What is an aura?

The aura is the energetic or electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body of a living being in the form of an oval. You can’t aurasee it at a glance, however you can feel it. This magnetic field varies according to our thoughts and emotions. Just like everything else in the universe, the aura is a vibration and as such it responds to other vibrations. In this way, vibrations in the form of thoughts, feelings or interactions with other energies (in space or that of other people) effect and mold the vibration of the aura.

What happens when my aura is “dirty”?

When the aura is “dirty” it turns dark and takes on a shadow like state, and it attracts low vibration energies effecting health and other many other aspects in our life. The cleansing of the aura reestablishes our equilibrium and returns to us our physical, mental and emotional vitality.

How to clean the aura?

Here at Luz Reiki we utilize Reiki, Pranic Healing, Visualization, Intention and Purification Rituals to clean the auric field and balance it out.

The aura is a reflection of what is happening inside of us which simultaneously influences our physical, mental and emotional health. The cleansing of the aura is a very important component in the achievement of living a healthy and peaceful life.


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