changing leaves

Have you ever seen a tree complain because October has arrived and its leaves are starting to fall off? Or hear it say “good now I’m done, winter is here and I am peeled, without leaves to protect me against the cold” or “every year it’s the same scenario, when I mostly need my leaves, that’s when they leave me”. “Now, what am I going to do? Why me? Dear God, please do not let my leaves come off …”

The wisdom of nature knows that “that which goes” has completed its cycle, quietly accepts, it lets go, does not hold on, if it did, it could not handle the weight of the snow on its branches. Life requires leaving behind something to make way for something new.

A loved one is gone? Your partner leaves you? Did you lose your job? Your home? Let them go … and as nature does, stay with the expectation of what life will bring. If you adopt this positive attitude, I assure you that whatever comes will be in accordance with the vibration you emit at that time. If, however, you feel regret for what you’ve lost, the low vibration with which you are creating, will bring exactly that which you’re afraid to receive.

“Don’t let your attachments cut off your wings”


Luz Mariella Alvarez


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