Jesus Your Mirror


See Jesus as your mirror? When we see something we do not like in another person, we are just seeing that part of ourselves that we do not like, that we do not accept and do not see.

Likewise, what we like in another person also reflects something inside of us and we are not aware of it, we think we do not possess it and we look for it in another human being, in our brother or sister.

Today I invite you to look in the mirror of Jesus of Nazareth. You’re, like the child of the manger, pure, perfect, flawless and innocent who deserves the good and only good. Like him, you are called to Heal the perception of the world, to Love without judging, to Save the world of illusion and Shine and share your light with your brothers and sisters.

Today we invite you to see with His eyes, to hear with his ears, to talk to with his words, to Heal with his hands.

José Maria y Luz Mariella