We always say or have heard: “Things are as they are” Did you ever stop yourself and think of what would happen if we were wrong and things were not as they are but just as we see them? Everything would change. That would mean that I have absolute responsibility for what I feel when I see something I do not like or when we experience something that someone “does to hurt us “.

A client comes to see me because her husband left her for another person. She is devastated, very angry, she feels like a victim of the situation, she feels cheated, abandoned, alone, unprotected. We talked and I explained just that. We see that things do not have meaning in themselves, that when we say that something or someone is good or bad, we say that from what we know as good or bad. Throughout our lives, we store information in the environment. Our parents , family, friends, community, etc. and even more we come to this world and an archive of information obtained in the womb and even more of all our ancestors by genetic inheritance. If we had been born in another time, another place, under different circumstances, what we would say to ourselves in regards to a certain situation, person, or thing would be totally different.

Hence we can say that if we give meaning to what happens from what we think or know; we can also change the meaning and at a conscious level.

I suggested, let’s look at the advantages of the fact that you are not married anymore.  First there was resistance, but when we started creating the list, from that list many positive and nice things emerged for my client. Thus, a tragic event, became a door to many opportunities, a start to being herself, to freedom, to get to know herself, to enjoy herself and knowing now how to pinpoint that which she does NOT and she is free to choose what she does want. A few sessions were enough to find root of why she attracted this relationship. Also why she attracted this farewell or loss, and how she can now attract a new love.

Nothing comes with attached meaning. Therefore one can decide what you give meaning to what happens to oneself. Choose what makes you happy!  If you need help changing the meanings of why things are the way they are, call us at ( 973) -914 to 1071


With Love,

Luz Mariella Alvarez