Migraines; Listen To The Messages That They Bring and Heal

Migraines; Listen To the Messages That They Bring and Heal


Since when did you begin getting migraines? That sharp, pulsating, acute pain usually on one side of the head, causing you nausea and generalized discomfort. Sometimes lasting more than a couple of days.

Well, let me tell you these unpleasant symptoms appear only in response to your own thoughts. Befriend your body, read through the symptoms of the migraine and uncover yourself. Take a look inside, at the conflict that has generated it and make the necessary change.

People who suffer from migraines are usually people with a strong need to control. People who do have a “problem”, yours or someone else’s, think and think and think about the many ways to fix and cannot find the solution. But they say to themselves, “If I do not think of a solution, this will not be resolved.”

If you suffer from migraine attacks, your body is telling you that you must let go of control and judgment. Everything is perfect as it is and everything happens for a higher good even though at the moment it is very difficult to see it that way. When you give it all to the Universal Consciousness orchestrating everything perfectly, things are resolved in an unimaginable way. There is only one requirement, non-intervention. Once you have given the problem; do not take it back to try and find a solution to it.   Rest assured and watch out for messages that life gives you and follow them.

You will see as migraines and problems vanish.



Luz Reiki

(Written by Luz Mariella)

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