espejoHave you ever entered the house of mirrors? In each of them you see a different image projected by you and it gives you a good laugh because you say to yourself “I’m not like that.” Well, the same thing is true in what we call “reality.” We live projecting on others and think to ourselves “I am not so.” We believe he or she is a separate individual and different to what we are and we judge according to our beliefs, experiences and so forth and so on.

The truth is that when we look at anyone who crosses our path, we only see and judge only by what we are and not what others are. For example, you hate your co-worker because he is very stingy, that which bothers you so much in that person is a message you are giving directly to yourself. It would be wise to ask yourself, in what way am I being stingy with myself. You may be a very generous person with everyone, but what about you? How are you with yourself? Are you generous too? Or are you inclined to search and or purchase the cheapest items for yourself? Are you always checking the prices…etc. That way of being stingy with yourself is something you dislike so much that you make it a point to show generosity. You try to hide that aspect you do not like in you however it is quickly revealed and projected onto “the other” and that infuriates you.

The question is, “what types of mirrors do I have around me?” “What am I projecting?” Therefore, give thanks because every encounter is a blessing.

With love,

yo lila Luz Reiki

(Written by: Luz Mariella Alvarez)