We are all in search of happiness, we search for a paradise without knowing that the paradise is always with us and within us. If that is so, what then stops us from seeing it or feeling it? If so, what prevents us then from seeing it, and feeling it? Why do we continue to see problems, injustice, lack of love, scarcity? Very simple, because we believe in it.

Our mind projects the world we see and live. There is nothing in my world that I have not created myself, through my thoughts and emotions and these thoughts and emotions arise from everything that I’ve learned through my family, society, school, my religion, beliefs and conflicts inherited from my ancestors, etc.   Therefore, it is also true that most of my creations are unconscious in nature since I created them from these programs which have directed my thoughts and give way to my emotions.

Is there a solution? Yes, there is! The solution is to make visible those programs and start to recognize them and accept them, and hence change the way we perceive the world. Not repeating phrases without feeling them, but realizing from a conscious level and having the will to see things another way.

“When you change the way that you see things, things you see change” a phrase that is very certain that I read in one of the books of Wayne Dyer. This phrase resonated with me and since then my life began to change.

”Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God”  (A Course in Miracles)  I can assure you, that the paradise we all seek is so close to us that we cannot see it. What to do? Retrain our minds. Observe the thoughts, only watch them, without giving them a title of truth, since those thoughts like any other, come from what I have learned and if I would have learned “that” in another way then I would think differently about it.

For example, a person once told me: “I suffer because my husband has another woman” and I asked them “what if you had been born in another culture in which men have more than one wife?” she smiled and replied, “then, it would not be a problem for me and I would not suffer for it, I would be in peace.” Where then is the origin of suffering? In the thoughts and ultimately in our beliefs that generate those thoughts that lead to our suffering.

To live in paradise we only need to clean those original programs and correct wrong thinking. Here at Luz Reiki Wellness Center, we offer classes and courses for this purpose. And very soon we will be able to make them available to the world through a virtual room. You may contact us by calling (973) 914-1071 or writing to us at

Paradise is at your fingertips.

“He who has eyes, see, he who has ears, hear”

yo lila



With love

Luz Mariella Alvarez


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