Spiritual Phases

chakras-mandalaWhat spiritual phase do you find yourself in?

According to our needs, that is, according to what today we give priority to in our lives, indicates the spiritual stage in which we find ourselves in.

The metaphysical law of correspondence says “As above, so below, as within, so without.” The chakras or spheres of energy aligned along the spine, ranging from the first chakra at the base of the spine to the seventh chakra located at the crown of the head and vibration are increasing as are rising. Likewise, the spiritual phases are rising in vibration according to what we are experimenting and experiencing. I must clarify that no stage is bad. We all go through all stages in this or in other earthly experiences.

Material Phase; Our attention is focused on material needs, housing, food, clothing, jobs, profession, success, fame, money, etc. At this stage, we are involved in daily concerns, so that nothing is missing at home, we care about what happens in the country, the world, the economy, politics, etc.

Emotional Phase; Our attention is focused on the emotional needs of others and themselves. At this stage we want to feel good and we are concerned for people with whom we interact. We feel emotional with ease and easily empathize with the problems and achievements of others. We remain concerned about the material but it is no longer a priority.

Identity Phase; Here we have a clearer picture of what we really are even though we confuse personality with what we really are. The concern of previous stages begins to decrease and there is now a greater connection with my physical body, we nourish the body in a more healthy and natural way, we love and respect and connect with the wonders offered by Mother Earth.  At this stage we have a clear focus on our identity and mission of life.

Unconditional Love Phase; The intention now is set on Love, we see much more clearly, “who I am” and learn to forgive and forgive because we see love in everything and everyone. Guilt and resentment melts. The acceptance of love is born and with it peace, health, wealth. Resentments and worries are gone. There is complete faith that everything is perfect “as is,” and there is a deep respect for all creation, free from all judgment.

Spiritual Expression Phase; At this stage we are aware of who I really am and as such the attributes of our BEING are experienced. There is a connection with all creation and with the Creator. Fear disappears completely and we become light in which others may see themselves reflected. The teacher, the Christ Consciousness that lives in each of us appears and we play the role of teachers, light guides with just BEING.

Expansion of Consciousness Phase; This is the stage of the ascended masters, the enlightened, clarified and they know where they are, what they are and where they are going. At this stage the “reality” loses corporality and we move in a pure informative. These masters are the ones who at this moment are assisting us in the transition from the 3D to the fourth dimension.

Consciousness of SELF Phase; Total Consciousness transcendent stage. Here there is no bodily form. Total union with the Universal Consciousness, God, pure energy or whatever you’d like to name it. We will all arrive here someday, but we must get here together. We are One, the same energy, the same love.
These stages are not fixed, we all go from one stage to another but each best describes the stage we are living now. In which would you place yourself? Knowing this leads and guides us towards the next phase if that is what you. The important thing is to become aware and live in consistency.

With love,





Luz Mariella Alvarez