Why Do Children Get Sick


Why Do Children Get Sick?

We see our sick children and blame viruses, food, germs, etc. The truth is that children from 0 to 7 years old are closely linked to the emotions of the mother externalizing their conflicts. So when the child has stomach pain for example, the question is, what situation is the mother experiencing which she is finding difficult to ‘Digest’. If a child has eczema, for example; it is a conflict of separation. This often appears when the child has to be separated from the mother and placed in the care of others. The conflict here, again, is the mother and how she experiences that separation therefore it manifests itself in the skin of the child. Another case is that of infants presenting infant jaundice; it is a conflict of the mother with her mother.

Recently, a client asked me why her 3 month old baby cries whenever her neighbor, who visits frequently, has the baby in her arms. She asks: “Could it be that the lady does not have a good vibration?” I ask her: “How is your relationship with her?” “What happens when she goes to your House?” She proceeds to answer: “Well, she is a good person but actually makes me very nervous when she visits because she is always approving or disapproving in regards to what I do with my baby and that causes me a lot of stress.”

I advised her to visualize her neighbor wrapped in a pink light of love, and mentally express her feelings and mentally also, ask her neighbor to allow her to act and perform as the baby’s mother without her interference. So she did it and to her surprise she noted the change. The neighbor now carries the baby and the baby does not cry. Why? Because the mother is calmer now with the neighbor’s visitation and the message in a quantum way arrived at the neighbor who is also “calmer”.

Do the fathers’ feelings influence as well? They do influence but through what the mother feels. However, from 7 to 14 years of age the father will be an important key in the child’s social growth.

What to do? Observe, have awareness, heal and change… 🙂

Luz Reiki

(Written; Luz Mariella Alvarez)